GM70 Integrated Amplifier

The Destination Audio GM70 Integrated Amplifier sets a new standard in the realm of audio perfection. With its unique bridge rectifier, dual triode, and purpose-wound transformers, this amplifier delivers an unparalleled listening experience that will captivate any audiophile.

Introducing the GM70 Integrated Amplifier by Destination Audio – the culmination of years of anticipation and engineering excellence. This amplifier represents the pinnacle of our audio craftsmanship, designed to elevate your listening experience to heights previously unimagined. Featuring a bridge rectifier EEC40, a 5687 dual triode, and a unique 6W6 power section (distinct from the more common 6V6), the GM70 stands as a testament to innovative design and sonic purity.

At the heart of the GM70 lies the venerable GM70 tube, powered by special transformers that have been meticulously wound for this specific application. With 14 watts of Class A-1 power and 1200 volts on the rails, the GM70 not only challenges but surpasses the performance of renowned tubes like the 845s and 211s. One listen is all it takes to understand the magnitude of its achievement – a sound so clear, so powerful, and so transcendent, that it must be experienced to be believed.


  • Powerful Performance: 14W of Class A-1 power with 1200V on the rails for an unmatched audio experience.
  • Unique Design: Features a bridge rectifier EEC40, a 5687 dual triode, and a 6W6 power tube, setting the GM70 apart from traditional designs.
  • Exquisite Sound: Purpose-wound transformers tailored for the GM70 deliver a sound quality that outperforms other big bottle tubes in its class.
  • Audiophile’s Choice: Engineered for those who demand the very best, the GM70 is a true reference integrated amplifier that stands in a league of its own.
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