The Phono Stage

Experience vinyl like never before with the Destination Audio Reference Phono Stage. Engineered with unmatched precision and featuring an all-transformer coupled design, this phono stage brings your records to life with clarity, depth, and an unparalleled soundstage.

Introducing the pinnacle of vinyl playback technology – the Reference Phono Stage by Destination Audio. Born from an engineering endeavor so comprehensive it borders on the tortuous, this phono stage sets a new benchmark for audio fidelity and vinyl reproduction. With a design philosophy that leaves no stone unturned, the Reference Phono Stage offers an auditory experience that is as breathtaking as it is pure.

The heart of this remarkable system lies in its entirely transformer-coupled architecture, matched with a behemoth tube outboard power supply featuring the robust 5U4G tube. The signal path is initiated by the legendary WE417a tube, renowned for its sonic clarity and musicality. This is seamlessly followed by the warmth of RCA brown plate 5687 tubes, and the precision of Raytheon 5687 tubes, culminating in a sound that is as detailed as it is lush.

When paired with Destination Audio’s field coil cartridge and purpose-engineered turntable, the Reference Phono Stage transcends the ordinary, delivering a vinyl listening experience that is nothing short of magnificent. Whether it’s the subtlety of a soft vocal or the full-bodied resonance of an orchestral piece, this phono stage captures the essence of the recording with an authenticity that must be heard to be believed.


  • Engineered for Excellence: Entirely transformer-coupled design for unmatched signal integrity and sound quality.
  • Iconic Tube Selection: Features the WE417a, RCA brown plate 5687, and Raytheon 5687 tubes for a sound that’s both warm and incredibly detailed.
  • Behemoth Tube Power Supply: Outboard power supply with the 5U4G tube ensures stable, noise-free operation.
  • Vinyl Playback Perfection: Designed to complement Destination Audio’s field coil cartridge and turntable for a synergistic, top-tier vinyl experience.
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