Digital-to-Analog Converter

Discover the pinnacle of digital audio conversion with the Destination Audio DAC. Featuring a transformer-laden chassis and dual-board design, this DAC offers unmatched PCM and DSD native playback, setting a new standard for audio fidelity and purity.

Introducing the much-anticipated Destination Audio DAC – a masterpiece of audio engineering designed to transform your digital audio experience. This DAC stands at the forefront of digital-to-analog conversion technology, offering audiophiles a level of sound quality that is both pure and exhilarating.

At the heart of the Destination DAC lies a dual-board architecture, meticulously designed to handle PCM and DSD formats natively. This commitment to audio purity means that the DAC does not rely on up or oversampling techniques, ensuring that your music is delivered as the artist intended, whether streaming at USB rates up to 768kHz or DSD up to 11.2MHz.

The power supply of the Destination DAC is nothing short of massive, rectified using the rare and exceptional AZ31 tube, a choice that underscores our dedication to sonic excellence. The audio output, powered by the renowned EEc40 tubes, delivers a tonal balance and richness that can only be described as sheer joy. This is a DAC designed not just to reproduce sound, but to present it with an authenticity and warmth that is truly timeless.


  • Advanced Digital Playback: Supports PCM and DSD natively, offering versatility and exceptional audio fidelity.
  • No Up or Oversampling: Ensures pure, unaltered playback for the truest representation of the original recording.
  • Massive Tube-Rectified Power Supply: Features the AZ31 tube for stable, noise-free operation and unmatched audio quality.
  • Exquisite Output Stage: Utilizes EEc40 tubes to deliver a sound that is rich, balanced, and absolutely engaging.